Seminar Topics

The TRLN Seminar on Issues and Trends in Academic Librarianship is intended to engage the fellows in a discussion of critical issues faced by practitioners managing library resources, functions and services. The purpose of the seminar is to broaden the fellows’ understanding of library management in the context of the educational and research mission of the university.

Topic Selection

The following general topics have been chosen from the propose topics below for the Spring 2006 seminar series:

  • Scholarly Communications
  • Academic Health Sciences Libraries
  • Assessment of Library Services

Call for Topics

Seminar topics may include, but are not limited to specific issues within the following areas:

Management of

  • The Library Organization (Personnel, Finances, Leadership)
  • Human Resources (Changing Role of Librarians, Recruitment Trends, Diversity)
  • Information Resources (Collection Development, Print and Electronic, Including Creating, Acquiring and Managing Digital Content)
  • Information Technology/Innovation and Impact on Services
  • Library Information Infrastructure versus University’s Computing Center
    Access (Including Licensing, Copyright and Privacy Issues)
    Archiving, Preservation
    Library Publications

Types of Collaborative Efforts
Collection Strategies
Scholarly Communications, Open Access Projects/Developments
Collection Economics and Fund Development
Marketing of Services to the University Community and the Public at Large
Assessment of User Needs, Expectations, Satisfaction
New User Support and Continuing Information Literacy Training
Academic Library Futures

Topics Proposed for 2005-2006

Changes in the Workforce

Changes in Scholarly Communications
From the point of view of faculty, librarians and the user.
Research interest of Cheryl Davis, TRLN/NCSU fellow.

Issues of Digitization versus Preservation
Digitization as Preservation Tool, pros and cons
Digitization as Access Tool, service model
Promise and reality
Implications for collection development
Cost comparisons

Academic Medicine and Libraries
Academic medicine and libraries: what are the compelling issues; what is similar and different about how our research libraries serve the missions and visions of academic health centers?(Serving clinical clientele; teaching and supporting evidence based medicine; consumer health information roles)
Note: This topic is also suitable as an orientation to TRLN Fellows

Law Libraries
... look for a detailed outline coming soon

TRLN Committee on Information Resources
Licensing, legal language requirements
Privacy issues, e.g. monitoring patrons’ online behavior
State institutions vs. private institutions
Archiving – sub-licensing issues
Responsibilities of research libraries archival preservation of the record

TRLN Committee on Information Technology
Recent ARL web cast (and similar offerings) with Stanley Wilder (Rochester) on information literacy
Digital libraries and new technologies
Faculty studies around institutional repositories and needs (Gibbons, Indiana CIO, Ed Ayers – University of Virginia) The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) model for humanities computing
Open Archives Initiative – Von de Sompel
Topic to be determined – Lorcan Dempsey from OCLC
Development and libraries

TRLN Committee on Library Public Services
Evaluation information commons
Fundraising and revenue streams
Security issues in libraries - to include civil liberties, PATRIOT Act, intellectual freedom, sexual harassment, etc.
Facilities planning
Scholarly publishing
Integrated Library Systems
Google Scholar
Assessment of library services

To propose a topic email: Heidi Madden