Count Your Steps to Success

The School of Information and Library Science (SILS) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is proud to announce the “Count Your Steps To Success” Campaign in collaboration with libraries across the state of North Carolina. The purpose of the campaign is to provide public access to health information by offering SILS pedometers and health programs; an initiative to push for healthier minds and healthier bodies.


The “Count Your Steps To Success” campaign sequentially began as a result of Dr. Mary Grace Flaherty’s research project, “Assessing Health Information Resource Use in NC Public Libraries.” In an effort to better understand public access to health information in libraries, Dr. Flaherty visited 60 public libraries in North Carolina and conducted in-person interviews with library directors to determine frequency of health queries; areas covered by those queries; librarian attitudes toward handling health questions; knowledge and interest in skills training and preferences and resources used to answer health questions. The finding of her research sparked a state-wide campaign to help engage the public in healthy habits through local libraries. Learn more of Dr. Flaherty’s research here.

What People are Saying:

“It made all of us walk more. Any prompt for exercise is a plus”

“Good idea to get someone started”

"Made me want to walk more. I set a goal; still working on it."

"I am excited to try the pedometer, and I am proud of my library for offering them! Even though I am already a health conscious person, using the pedometer encouraged me to keep moving."

"It encouraged me to be more active; I love it. I think more people need to look into it to help fight our obesity problem."

Participating Libraries:

Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library
Gaston County Public Library
Jackson County Public Library
Farmville Public Library


Want to participate? Please contact us by submitting your information below.


If you would like your local library to be a part of this campaign and get FREE pedometers, sign your library up:

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