Registration Resources

Registration Procedures:

For a graduate student to be considered full time, they must take a minimum of 9 hours. Doctoral students are required to complete a minimum of 36 hours of course work, including 6 hours of dissertation. (INLS 994). Most graduate students take 3-4 classes during the fall and spring semester and three hours during each summer session. Doctoral students are required to take INLS 881 (fall) and INLS 882 (spring) of their first year.

INLS 988 (Research hours): Used for students who engage in research in information and library science, usually directly related to their dissertation work. (variable 1-6) 

INLS 696 (Independent Study): Used for students who wish to study a specific topic under the direction of a faculty member. (variable credit 1-6) 

INLS 994 (Doctoral Dissertation): Used by doctoral students who are in the process of writing their dissertation. The graduate school considers any doctoral student who is just enrolled in dissertation hours a full time student. (3)

Registering for any of the above classes requires permission from the instructor or the student's advisor and completion of the SILS Class Enrollment Request Form.

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