Elfreda Chatman Research Award

The Elfreda Chatman Research Awards are given to masters' students who demonstrate creative and scholarly vision in their research proposals. The award was created by the SILS Alumni Association in 2002 to honor Dr. Chatman's interest in original research. Proposals submitted as part of the Proposal Development (INLS 781) course are eligible for this award.

In judging the submissions, equal emphasis is placed on each of the following:
• Creativity
• Originality
• Clarity
• Validity of methodology
• Potential significance to the field

Past Recipients

2021: Allison Ruvidich (fall)
2021: Jess Epsten (fall)
2020: Alyssa James (spring)
2019: Jordan Wrigley (spring), Lauren Wise (fall), Lynnee Argabright (fall)
2018: Diane Judith Rodden (spring), Meg Foster (fall)
2017: Lia Walberg (spring)
2016: Erica Brody (spring), Rebecca Tatum (fall)
2015: Justin Kreft (spring), Emma Boettcher (fall)
2014: Brooke Guthrie (spring), Katie Meyer (fall)
2013: Lindsay Conway (spring), Erin Morris (fall)
2012: Courtney Minton (spring), Megan England Ward (spring), Danielle Lois Fasig (fall)
2011: Nic Willcox
2010: Casey Rawson
2009: Adam Mack, Julia Steed
2008: Morgan Stoddard, Erin White
2007: Nicholas Johnson
2006: Monica McCormick, Phil Binkowski
2004: William Hannah, Jessica Zellers