Dean's Achievement Award

The Dean's Achievement Award is presented annually to one information science student and one library science student who produce the highest quality masters' papers in a given year. The papers are judged by a faculty committee. A cash prize accompanies the honor, which is intended to encourage student research and writing.


Emma L. Stout: "Public-Private Partnerships for Digitization: A Case-Study of UNC Libraries and Ancestry"

Laura Carroll: “Have You Heard Any Rumors Lately? Depictions of Librarians in Video Games.”
Kennedy McGuinness: “Climate Chat: An Integrative Review of Emerging Literature in the Field of Online Climate Change Communication.”

Jon Clancy: Breakdowns in Human-AI Partnership: Revelatory Cases of Automation Bias in Autonomous Vehicle Accidents
Meg McMahon: A Makerspace of One’s Own? An Exploratory Study of Women and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals’ Experiences of an Academic Makerspace

Qu Jiaming : A Medical Literature Search System for Identifying Effective Treatments in Precision Medicine
Kimberly J. Reisler : Cognitive Authority and the Christian Worldview: An Examination of Goodreads Reviews of Christian Books

Julia Gootzeit: “The Zine Scheme”: A Comparison of Five Institutions’ Methods of Zine Description and an Assessment of the xZINECOREx Metadata Schema for the Creation of a Zine Union Catalog
Jesse Moore: Product, Process and Photographs: Archival Workflows and More Product Less Process (MPLP) in Large Film Photography Collection

Erin Dickey: "Her Own Version of History": A Case Study of the Guerrilla Girls Oral Histories at the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Natalie Ornat: Reading for your Life: The Impact of Reading and Writing During the Siege of Sarajevo

Emma Boettcher: Predicting the Difficulty of Trivia Questions Using Text Features
Meredith Hale: Searching for Art Records: A Log Analysis of the Ackland Art Museum's Collecion Search System

Aaron Kirschenfeld: Yellow Fever: Describing Negative Legal Precedent in Citators

Rachel Walton: Looking for Answers: A Usability Study of Online Finding Aid Navigation

Curt Arledge: Filled-in vs. Outline Icons: The Impact of Icon Style on Usability
Meredith Lewis: Learning Styles, Motivations, and Resource Needs of Students Enrolled in a Massive Open Online Class

Kevin Michael Klipfel: Authentic Engagement: Assessing the Effects of Authenticity on Student Engagement and Information Literacy in Academic Library Instruction
Hilary Zelko: Reasoning about Relevance

Hannah Pierce: A Content Analysis Study of the Equivalenc of Publishers' Easy Reader Leveling Systems
Cheryl Thompson: Answering the Call for Data Curation: An Exploration of the Careers of LIS Professionals Managing Data

Brooks J. Breece: Local Government Use of Web GIS in North Carolina
Elizabeth S. Dorner: Motivation of Undergraduate Student Employees in Academic Libraries
Kimberly A. Hirsh: The Transformational Leadership Practices of National Board Certified Librarians in North Carolina

Allison M. Long: Career Choice of Young Adult Librarians in a Public Setting: A Narrative Analysis of Motivations with Implications for Recruitment
Shannon A. Walker: From Science to Librarianship: Career Motivations of the Scientist-Turned-Librarian

Laura Carey O'Neill: A Usability Study of E-book Platforms.
Laura Westmoreland: The Environmental Protection Agency and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Libraries Internship Program: Its History and an Analysis of Former Interns Careers.

Nicholas A. Johnson: An Investigation of the Aesthetic Fidelity of Live Websites
Ann K. Irvine: Natural Language Processing and Temporal Information Extraction in Emergency Department Triage Notes

Laura E. Barwick: The Opinions of Literature Faculty and Students on Back-of-the-Book Indexes in Fiction.
Phillip J. Binkowski: The Effect of Social Proof on Tag Selection in Social Bookmarking Applications.
Megan Z. Perez: From New Graduate to Competent Practitioner: Rethinking the Architecture of Post-MLS Residency Programs in ARL Libraries.

Cynthia S. McCracken: Bringing Order to Intranet Chaos with Information Architecture: A Case Study
Alison A. Raab: Manga in Academic Library Collections: Definitions, Strategies, and Bibliography for Collecting Japanese Comics

Rebecca L. Kemp: Selectors’ Choices: Statistics for Evaluating E-Resources
Susan E. Teague Rector: Accessing Information Based on a Combination of Document Structure and Content: Exploiting XML Tags in indexing and searching to enhance content retrieval of online document-centric XML encoded texts

Donald Chalfant: Born Digital? Appraise Traditional!: A Pilot Study on Intrinsic Value and Electronic Records of State Government.
Miriam Intrator: Avenues of Intellectual Resistance in the Ghetto Theresienstadt: Escape Through the Ghetto Central Library, Reading, Storytelling and Lecturing

Corey Johnson: Online Chat Reference: The Awareness of, Use of, Interest in, and Marketing of This New Reference Service Technology
Joby M. Topper: Francis Douce and His Collection: An Antiquarian in Great Britain, 1957-1834

Laura Agnew: Characteristics and Benefits of Online Support Groups.
Andrew Smith: Readers’ Advisory Service: Adoption and Implementation of an Innovation in Select Public Libraries

Anna Kemp: An Evaluation of the Business Plan and Web site of ECB, an E-commerce Business
Kristin Martin: Analysis of Remote Reference Correspondence at a Large Academic Manuscripts Collection.

Kelly Maglaughlin
Ron Bergquist

Kathleen Feeney
Stephen Kelly

Nora Armstrong
Kiduk Yang

Ryan Patrick Womack
Kristin Hays Chaffin

Thomas Kevin Cherry
Anandasivam Gopal

Lewis L. Caviness, Jr.
Ernesto M. Evangelista

Nancy Ryan 
Lois J. Wildmer

Cheryl A. Karr
Robert G. Summer, Jr.

Ronald Ray Bass 
Lori Irene Drum

Kathryn Lesley Knieriem
Walter Dean Stine

Nan Marie McMurry
Andrea Louise Rohrbacher

Joel Brett Sutton
Paul Staley Williford

Leslie Carrol McCall
Daniel G. Wheeler, Jr.

Diane Shaw
Deborah Barreau

James Timothy Shaw
Susan E. Bello

Paul Hesling

David Downing

Cheryl Karr
Robert Summer

Deborah Fay Rubin

James Allen Curtis

Martha Marshall Smith

Priscilla Caplan

Alma Patricia Sweeney