The Edward G. Holley for the Good of the Order Award

Edward Holley was Dean of SILS from 1972 to 1985 and a major figure in 20th century American librarianship. Dr. Holley was an inspirational leader who often spoke about “the good of the order” and he always stressed the importance of putting the good of the total institution above the individual good of the people who worked there. He set a wonderful example of someone who devoted himself to the greater good.

Established in 2009, the Edward G. Holley for the Good of the Order Award recognizes an individual or individuals who has/have given selflessly for the good of SILS. The award is not presented every year, only when an individual's service merits the recognition.

2018 - Cal Lee, SILS Professor

2017 - Aaron Brubaker, SILS Information Technology Director

2015 - Susan Sylvester, SILS Executive Assistant

2012 - Drs. Claudia Gollop and Stephanie Haas

2010 - Dr. Evelyn Daniel, Dean and Professor Emerita

2009 - Dr. Katherine Wisser, Director of Instructional Services at SILS