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Career Development at SILS encompasses three areas: exploring different information careers and industries, developing career related skills to succeed in these roles, and connecting with alumni and employers. Our goal at SILS is to offer career development guidance and services so that our students can gain the relevant experience they need during their program to be successful in their post-SILS positions.

All enrolled SILS undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students have a SILS Canvas site for their respective program level. These sites are your main source of SILS-specific career information once you are admitted to the program.

SILS Students: To make a career appointment, please visit and access the Handshake Appointments tab. After entering your ONYEN, select “SILS Career Appointment” to find appointment openings.

Visit the SILS YouTube channel for more SILS Connections videos.

Jobs Alerts

Employers are looking for graduates with experience. Experience can range from field experiences for credit, to internships (paid or unpaid), to professional opportunities during the school year or over the summer. This experience helps employers evaluate how you’ve taken the technical competencies and information skills you’ve learned in your program and applied them in a real world setting.

Join the SILS-Jobs list by sending a message to the List Server. Send “Subscribe SILS-Jobs” as the body of your mail message to leaving the Subject: field blank. To unsubscribe from the list, include “Unsubscribe SILS-Jobs” in the body of your message.

Join the SILS-StudentJobs list by sending a message to the List Server. Send “Subscribe SILS-StudentJobs” as the body of your mail message to leaving the subject field blank. To unsubscribe from the list, include “Unsubscribe SILS-StudentJobs” in the body of your message.

University Career Services at UNC Chapel Hill

University Career Services (UCS) is available to all SILS students (and alumni in their first six months after graduation) and offers additional general career services and resources to help you reach your career goals.
Handshake is the database for UCS that holds information on job and internship postings, as well as details about on-campus recruiting, resume collections by employers, and much more. All enrolled students are already in Handshake through a connection with the Registrar’s office.  As an information professional, it is strongly recommended that you complete your free profile in Handshake to take advantage of any employer opportunities for library and information students.
In addition to the database on job openings, part time employment and internships, UCS also offers workshops on job-searching skills, mock interview training, and employer information sessions.  There are also Career Fairs in both the fall and spring