Van Dyke Technology Group Names SILS Alumnus Leo Yakutis Senior Cyber Consultant

March 26, 2014

Leo YakutisCHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Van Dyke Technology Group has named Leo Yakutis (MSIS ‘91), an alumnus and member of the Board of Visitors of theSchool of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina, senior cyber consultant of its Commercial Cyber Innovations Group.

The Cyber innovations Group is a new initiative for the Van Dyke Technology Group, a company with a 30 year history of providing “high-assurance information-sharing solutions for the federal government.” According to its Web site, the company has a legacy of “excellence addressing the security and performance issues of complex, networked computing environments within the intelligence and defense communities.” The group is taking lessons learned from its successes with the federal government and applying them to the commercial space. Yakutis, who accepted the position on Feb. 24, 2014, is one of the first two hires in this area who will work with the business community. 

Yakutis will assess and evaluate the resources Van Dyke will need for its business model. He travels to businesses around the nation to determine needs, produce proposals and on some projects take on the role of technical lead.

“I’m excited about this new opportunity,” said Yakutis. “It’s a chance to help shape a new line of business, and a chance to leverage the expertise of some very sharp people at Van Dyke. They are very focused on bringing in the right people to build a team that will work well in this client space.

“The company has specific goals, while at the same time they are being very flexible about the evolution of the position. There will be standards and procedures that will be adapted from the federal space to the commercial space. I’m enjoying the people I’m working with. They’ve been extremely effective in evaluating their assets.”

Yakutis was previously principal of HUMINT Group International LLC; executive vice president of IT Strategies and Services at Executive Action, LLC; senior vice president of Global Options, Inc.; senior project manager at Cybrinth, LLC; and a team manager for nearly 11 years at Microsoft in its early years. He earned his Master’s in Information Science in 1991 from SILS; received a Master’s in History from UNC – Charlotte; and he received a Master’s certificate in Information Security Management-Government from Villanova University.  He currently serves on the SILS Board of Visitors where he is serving his second term. Yakutis is also a volunteer EMT at River Hills EMS in Lake Wylie, South Carolina. He serves on a number of boards and is active in his community. 

About the Van Dyke Technology Group
The Van Dyke Technology Group is an information systems engineering company that provides high-assurance information-sharing solutions for the federal government. We help our customers optimize performance and maximize security so that they can better meet the requirements of missions of national importance.

Our legacy of excellence can be traced to our predecessor company, J. G. Van Dyke & Associates, which built its strong reputation of excellence addressing the security and performance issues of complex, networked computing environments within the intelligence and defense communities. This legacy continues today at the Van Dyke Technology Group. We share not only the same values as our predecessor company but also many of the same personnel.

Our information security solutions are strengthened by our highly skilled specialists, who include system architects and performance engineers, and by our in-depth experience working in complex, high-priority environments. In addition, our thought leadership in the systems, technologies and processes of information security is augmented by our Center of Innovation, which offers a place to think about, experiment with and create solutions.

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