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Book by Sandra Hughes-Hassell offers guidance on fostering equity through collection management

This summer, ALA Editions published an updated and revised second edition of Collection Management for Youth by UNC School of Information and Library Science (SILS) Professor Sandra Hughes-Hassell.

The book offers models and tools that will help library staff develop and maintain collections that provide equitable access to all youth. To accomplish this goal, Hughes-Hassell demonstrates that collection managers must be confident information guides, change agents, and leaders.

Based on the latest educational theory and research, the book:

  • Presents the argument for why collection management decisions and practices should focus on equity, exploring systemic inequities, educational paradigm shifts, developments in the information environment, and other factors.
  • Lays out the theoretical foundation for developing and managing a library collection that facilitates learning, supports the development of multiple literacies, and provides equitable access to an increasingly diverse group of young learners.
  • Uses a learner-centered and equity perspective to cover core issues and criteria such as selection and removal of materials, budgeting, and cooperation among libraries.
  • Discusses how library staff can work collaboratively to create policy and negotiate budgets.
  • Includes customizable tools and templates, including a stakeholder contact/SWOT analysis, decision-making model for selecting resources, and collection development analysis worksheet.

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