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CITAP launches new podcast about people, power, and technology

The Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life released the first episode of its new podcast, “Does Not Compute,” on June 22.

“If we want to fix our relationship to technology, we have to understand what’s broken first,” says the podcast introduction on the CITAP website. “On Does Not Compute, we’ll pry into the black boxes and get to know the people behind the code to understand technology platforms in context. Together, we’ll explore how old inequities get reinvented on new platforms, how unexpected communities unite for good (and harm), and how media manipulators play on our identities and emotions to spread lies.”

The podcast will offer interviews and insights by CITAP researchers, as well as with other experts studying technology, misinformation, disinformation, identity, social media, and the variety of other forces shaping our world.

The first episode features CITAP research faculty members Tressie McMillan Cottom, Deen Freelon, Daniel Kreiss, Alice Marwick, Shannon McGregor, and Francesca Tripodi, along with CITAP Executive Director Kathryn Peters and CITAP Post-doctoral Research Fellow Rachel Kuo

Listen below and visit the episode page on CITAP’s website for more about the speakers, a full transcript, and links for additional information about topics discussed.