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Drew Robinson: 2023 Graduate & Professional Student Appreciation Week Feature

Drew Robinson is a Master of Science in Information Science major at the UNC School of Information and Library Science. As an undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Robinson received a minor in information science while pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in statistics and analytics.

In 2021, he opted to return to SILS to complete his master’s degree and pursue research in algorithmic management. While preparing to graduate in May 2023, Robinson currently works at HiveTracks, a beekeeping tech startup, where he helped to recently launch the organization’s new app. Learn more about Robinson below.

Why did you decide to pursue your MSIS degree at SILS? 
I chose to come to SILS for my master’s because of the people. The faculty are great teachers, true mentors, and treat me as a peer. The staff help me navigate through any questions or concerns in a timely fashion and truly care about my well-being. The students are an eclectic mix of interesting, smart, motivated people where I feel privileged to call them my peers.
What are some highlights of your time at SILS? 
I loved INLS 385: Information for Organizational Effectiveness with Dr. Jarrahi. I ended up doing an independent study with him as well, and he is my master’s paper advisor. His class taught me a whole new lens to analyze workplace dynamics and structure, a useful skill no matter where I go with my career in the future.
What do you hope to do in the future with the knowledge you learned in your SILS degree program? 
I hope to use my background in statistics & analytics along with my knowledge in information science from SILS to pursue management and leadership opportunities in industry. I also hope to explore multiple different industry settings over the duration of my career. In terms of what I hope to specifically accomplish, I aspire to bring multiple perspectives on data / information, nurture a culture of kindness and true inclusion, and continue to learn wherever I am working. SILS taught me so much, but I learned the most important thing is to never think you are done learning.
Professionally, personally or academically, of what are you most proud? 
My proudest professional moment came recently. A previous colleague of mine from my current workplace asked for me to serve as a reference for him in a job application. I was thrilled to help him however I could, learned how to write a good reference response, and he ended up getting the job. I derive an unparalleled sense of fulfillment from helping other people reach their goals, so that was a great day.
What research, academic, or professional projects have you completed or are working on during your time at SILS? 
I completed one independent study on algorithmic management with Dr. Jarrahi which turned into my master’s paper that we are aiming to publish in a peer-reviewed venue. I am also doing an independent study with Dr. Sturm on business storytelling where I am analyzing the business narrative for my future employer post-graduation, KPMG. I have also worked part-time during my master’s at SILS as a data science research analyst at HiveTracks (a beekeeping tech startup) including through a recent app launch where I am in charge of support and QA (Quality Assurance) for the app.

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