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SILS Campaign Chair leadership transition

When Marcia Duncan Lowry and Charles Lowry enthusiastically accepted the Dean’s invitation to co-chair the SILS Campaign, they were equally clear that they’d serve in this role for half the campaign. Being that we are at the campaign’s midpoint, Duncan Smith has accepted Dean Gary

Marchionini’s invitation (effective Jan 1, 2019) to succeed the Lowrys, who will serve on the committee through 2019.

A photo of Duncan Smith
Duncan Smith

The service of Duncan (BA ’76, MSLS ’80) for SILS is strong and deep. In addition to the Campaign Committee, he serves on the SILS Board of Visitors and is a SILS Distinguished Alumnus (1999). He also played a key role in the establishment of the EBSCO NoveList-funded, new Amy Elizabeth Morgan Assistantship (see page 34).  In June 2018, Duncan retired from his position as General Manager of NoveList and became Chief Strategist for Public Libraries for EBSCO Information Services. He lives in Chapel Hill. His campaign giving supports the Assistantship and the Barbara B. Moran Fund for Global Programs.

The Lowrys’ leadership and service are likewise deep. Charles (MSLS ’74) was the dean/director of five university libraries during his career and is professor emeritus at the University of Maryland and the retired director of the Association of Research Libraries.  Marcia (MSLS ’75, Beta Phi Mu, Florida State University; and matriculated ’80-82 UNC Graduate Art History program) was both an academic and public librarian and is a retired library-journal editor. Their campaign commitment is to endow the SILS deanship. This is the first named deanship in Carolina history. Charles serves on the Board of Visitors (past chair) and is a SILS Distinguished Alumnus (2001) The Lowrys live in Chapel Hill.

A photo of Marcia Duncan Lowry and Charles Lowry standing outside Manning Hall.
Marcia Duncan Lowry and Charles Lowry

“Inspired, engaged volunteer leadership, especially including the SILS Campaign Committee, is core to our success,” said Dean Marchionini. “Our vision will drive our success. So will philanthropic investment – specifically, the gifts and pledges of our leadership alumni and other key SILS stakeholders. What Charles, Marcia, and Duncan have helped us accomplish can be transformative for SILS. Crucial financial support will nourish big ideas and bold ambitions. I salute them and also thank the full Committee.”


  • Charles Bryan Lowry (MSLS ’74)
    Campaign Co-Chair (through 2018)
  • Marcia Duncan Lowry (MSLS ’75, FSU)
    Campaign Co-Chair (through 2018)
  • Duncan Smith (MSLS ’80)
    Campaign Chair (effective 2019)
  • Mary Boone Bernsen (BA ’66, MSLS ’73)
  • Bob Martin (PhD ’88)
  • Joyce Ogburn (MSLS ’82)
  • Susan Perry (MSLS ’66)
  • Mary Jane Petrowski (MSLS ’78)
  • Mae Rodney (PhD ’86)
  • Fred Roper (AB ’60, MSLS ’62)
  • Bernie Todd Smith (MSLS ’73)
  • Sarah Snow (MSIS ’04)