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SILS Faculty and Students at ASIS&T

Faculty and students from the UNC School of Information and Library Science (SILS) will be part of several workshops and presentations at the ASIS&T Virtual Annual Meeting, starting Thursday, Oct. 22.

Ryan Shaw, SILS Associate Professor
Conceptual Models in Sociotechnical Systems Part 1&2 – Thursday & Friday, Oct. 22-23

Shenmeng Xu (SILS PhD ’19), Research Scientist at the UNC School of Nursing
Metrics 2020: Workshop on Informetric and Scientometric Research (SIG-MET) Part 1&2 – Thursday & Friday, Oct. 22-23

Javed Mostafa, SILS Professor and Director of the Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP)
ICT for Development, Empowerment for Growth: How Can the Information Field Contribute? – Saturday, Oct. 24
Best Practices for Grant Proposal Development: NSF, NIH, IMLS, IARPA, Amazon, and Google, etc. – Friday, Oct. 30

Rob Capra, SILS Associate Professor and Yuan Li, SILS Doctoral Student
Paper Session 14: “Exploring Factors Affecting Renewal and Stopping Reasons in Cross-Session Search” -Tuesday, Oct. 27

Yuanye Ma and Cami Goray, SILS Graduate Students
Paper Session 16: “Information Science Identity: Students’ Perspective” – Tuesday, Oct. 27

Amelia Gibson, SILS Assistant Professor
Prioritizing Marginalized Populations in Information Science –  Tuesday, Oct. 27
Pulling Back the Curtain on Conducting Social Impact Research – Wednesday, Oct. 28