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SILS shines at ASIS&T

Faculty and graduate students from the UNC School of Information and Library Science (SILS) shared research and received recogniztion at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting, October 19-23 in Melbourne, Australia.

Matthew Johnson (MSLS ’18) was recognized as winner of the 2019 Pratt Severn Best Student Research Paper Award for his paper, “Dating Apps, Categorical Fields, and Health Information Sharing: Exploring the Utility of Dating Application Features Related to HIV, STIs and PrEP for Promoting Regular Testing and PrEP Usage.”

Megan Threats, SILS PhD candidate, won the ASIS&T SIG HLTH student poster competition for her poster, “The Information Practices of HIV Positive Black Gay Men Post-Diagnosis.”

Leslie Thomson (PhD ’19)Amy Vanscoy (PhD ’12), Associate Professor at the University of Buffalo, and Jenna Hartel, Associate Professor at the University of Toronto were recognized for winning the 2019 Elfreda A. Chatman Research Award from ASIS&T SIG USE.

Elliott Hauser, SILS doctoral candidate, had previously received the SIG HFIS (History & Foundations of Information Science) doctoral travel award to attend the conference.

Javed Mostafa, Professor and Director of the Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP), presented a tutorial on developing successful publications for peer-reviewed forums and served on a panel about data science education.

Mostafa, SILS Assistant Professor Fei Yu, and UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media Associate Professor Laura Ruel presented a panel, “Innovative UX Methods for Information Access Based on Interdisciplinary Approaches: Practical Lessons From Academia and Industry.”

Fei Yu also presented a poster, “Research on Voice Search Behavior in the Last 10 Years.”

Shenmeng Xu, doctoral graduate, organized a workshop, “Metrics 2019: Workshop on Informmetric and Scientometric Research,” and presented a paper, “Understanding the Peer Review Endeavor.”

Yuanye Ma, doctoral student, presented two papers, “Lack of the Normative Lens: Discussions on Research on Micro-Targeted Ads Explanation of Facebook” and “Relational Privacy: Where the East and the West Could Meet.”

Yuanye Ma and Kristen Bowen in front of poster display
SILS doctoral students Yuanye Ma and Kristen Bowen at the ASIS&T 2019 poster session

Kristen Bowen, doctoral student, presented a poster, “Health Information at Intersections: Toward More Inclusive Personal Health Records for Marginalized Users.”

Yukun Yang, Master of Science in Information Science (MSIS) student, presented a paper “When Power Goes Wild Online: How Did a Voluntary Moderator’s Abuse of Power Affect an Online Community?”