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Spring 2024 SILS Commencement

Black and white drawing of Manning Hall with the UNC logo and text saying School of Information and Library Science Spring 2024 Commencement May 10, 2024 Memorial Hall
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About the Event

May 10, 2024 | 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Memorial Hall, UNC Chapel Hill

This is a ticketed event. You must have a ticket from a graduating student to attend.

Please complete this form to request accessibility arrangements for a graduate or guest.



  • ADA parking is available at the Swain Lot off Cameron Avenue on a first-come, first-served basis. A shuttle is available.
  • General on-campus parking is available at the Nash Lot, Morehead Lot, and McCauley Deck.
  • Town of Chapel Hill parking is available in the Rosemary Street parking deck.
  • Learn more about commencement parking.

Notes for Graduates

  • Please arrive at the front entrance to Manning Hall no later than 5:45 p.m. dressed in your complete regalia (gown, cap, tassel). We will take a group picture before moving into the building for line-up. (Unsure how to wear your master’s hood? Watch this video for guidance.)
  • Please limit your personal items to a phone–leave purses, keys, etc. with a friend. Plan to have your name card in your hand at all times.
  • RAIN PLAN: We will announce by noon on Friday, but we would skip the Manning Hall photo and arrive at Memorial Hall by 6:15 p.m.
  • After the group picture, your guests are welcome to head over to Memorial Hall where doors will open at 6:15 p.m. Graduates do not need a ticket, but guests do, so please remember to bring your paper tickets AND make sure you are not holding your guests’ tickets when they leave for Memorial Hall.
  • Children sitting in laps will not need a ticket. We ask that only guests who are able to remain seated quietly for the ceremony be present.
  • There will be a “will call” table outside of Memorial starting at 6:15 p.m. for those who have not been able to pick up their tickets in person. Because demand for tickets has surpassed available seating, Gerard Hall (next door to Memorial) will show a live stream of the event for those who do not have tickets.


Watch Online

The event will be live-streamed on YouTube and the recording will be available online after the event.


Graduate Internships: Carolina Health Informatics Program

Nibras Ar Rakib: UNC CHIP, Dr. Javed Mostafa

Anuradha Bankar: AskBio & UNC Health Sciences Library, Dr. Fei Yu

Denise Barrett: Novant Health

Monika Baskaran: Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, Dallas, TX

Haritha Sri Bhatta: UNC School of Government

Anchal Bisht: Division of Healthcare Engineering, Department of Radiation Oncology, UNC School of Medicine

Biren Chaudhary: InNeed

Prabal Chourasia: UNC School of Nursing, Dr. Saif Khairat

Sujitha Rao Dasari: Division of Healthcare Engineering, Department of Radiation Oncology, UNC School of Medicine

Harish Chandra Dega: Division of Healthcare Engineering, Department of Radiation Oncology, UNC School of Medicine

Jacqueline Dullea: GeneDx

Denise Ann Garner: AESARA

Andrea Del Pilar Gonzalez-Vallejo: Community Care of NC

Krishnaveni Gorijavolu: Chryselys Services

Yachna Goyal: UNC Health, Cardiac Services

Shweta Vishal Jaiswal: UNC Health, The Mental Health Informatics and Analytics Core in the Department of Psychiatry

Ashik Jayakumar: AESARA

Kahlia I. Jones: UNC Chapel Hill, Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases

Heather Kincaide: UNC Health Sciences Library, Fei Yu

Vinod Kumar: UNC Chapel Hill, Digital Health Economics and Policy Lab, Gillings School of Public Health

Wan-Ting Liao: UNC School of Medicine, Dept of Pediatrics

Shradha Mohanty: University of Maryland, Baltimore

Tanmayee Muppidi: Community Opioid Resources Engine for North Carolina at UNC Injury Prevention Research Center

Sanah Murtuza: InNeed

Kaniqua La’Shawn Outlaw: Network for Good, Donor Advised Fund (NFG); NASTAD

Divya Patel: Veradigm

Carlos M. Perez IV: Alchemist Kava

Eesha Pisal: UNC School of Medicine, Dr. Emily Pfaff

Pavani Puppala: UNC School of Nursing, CAIR lab, Dr. Saif Khairat

Ashley Jeckel Schopps: Division of Healthcare Engineering, Department of Radiation Oncology, UNC School of Medicine

Sai Tejwasini Velpuri: UNC School of Nursing, Dr. Saif Khairat

Rohit Simha Torpunuri: UNC Chapel Hill, Department of Psychiatry

Charita Chowdary Vemulapalli: Division of Healthcare Engineering, Department of Radiation Oncology, UNC School of Medicine

Ashley Victor: Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute


Master’s Papers and Practicum Projects: Information Science & Library Science

All master’s students complete a master’s paper or a practicum project to capstone their degree experience at SILS. Master’s papers focus on answering a question or solving a problem in the field of information and library science. Practicum projects allow students to work on hands-on projects to solve information-related needs for organizations across various industries. Both the paper and the practicum provide an opportunity for students to showcase the knowledge they’ve developed through their coursework at SILS.


Destry Anthony Adams
“Hate Infects Us All: How Alt-Right Ideology Plagues Health and Wellness Communities on TikTok”
Advisor: Cottom

Luke Barron
“Development and Evaluation of SMART search strategies for PubMed, Embase, and Scopus”
Advisor: Arguello

Kerry Bannen
“Cameron Family Land: An Interactive Timeline Map of Land Owned by the Bennehan and Cameron Family-Project Report”
Advisor: Winget

Belle Basnight
“The Press and the Path to Pride: The Interplay of Print Media and Legislation in the LGBTQ+ Human Rights Movement”
Advisor: Tripodi

Zachary R Boyce
“The ABC’s of Oppression: Critical Alphabet Theory, Lawfare, and an Information Sciences Perspective on the Education of Adjudication”
Advisor: Feinberg

Elizabeth Byrd
“Tools and Methods for Recovery: Exploring Resources Used in Early Alcohol Use Disorder Recovery”
Advisor: Payne

Joel Collier
“Generative AI Instruction in Academic Libraries: An Analysis of LibGuides and Information Literacy Principles”
Advisor: Rawson

Madeline F. Conley
“It Doesn’t Have to Be the Way It Is: Using Speculative Archival Theory to Combat Archival Narrative”
Advisor: Kuecker

Abigail Coupe
“The View from ‘Over Here’: American Information Professionals, Foreign Information Accessibility, and Historiography of the First World War”
Advisor: Roscoe

Megan Cross
“Linked Open Data & Ontology Trends in the Cultural Heritage Sector: Current Projects, Future Directions, and the Case for Provenance”
Advisor: Shaw

Carrie Dean
“Dancers/Archivists: Community Archiving Practices Among Country Dancers”
Advisor: Kuecker

Collin Drummond
“The Linguistic Landscape of Scholarly Publishing: Quantifying Language Bias Through Multiple Systems Estimation”
Advisor: Hemminger

Sarah Costello Dwyer
“Complicating the Narrative of Title IX: A Content Analysis of Young Adult Sports Literature and Media”
Advisor: Hughes-Hassell

Alaina A. Economus
“Classifying Empire: Bibliotechno-Bibliograficheskaya Klassifikatsiya (BBK) and the Soviet Imperialist Project”
Advisor: Feinberg

Madison Ferrell
“Digging Deeper: Bridging Information Gaps in Archaeological and Archival Discourse”
Advisor: Kuecker

Flannery J. Fitch
“Archiving a Community in Crisis: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University Archives’ Carolina Covid-19 Collection”
Advisor: Winget

Caroline Galt
“A Content Analysis of Depictions of Archive Users in Film and Television”
Advisor: Rawson

Adam J. Hudnut-Beumler
“Relationship Matters: An Exploration of Participatory Linked Data as Decolonial Archival Practice”
Advisor: Shaw

Sophia G. Hutchens
“Fat Positivity in Public Libraries: An Assessment of Inclusive Reference Services”
Advisor: Kuecker

Hannah L. Jacobs
“Disease and Stigma: Media Representations and Individual Experiences of Pellagra in the U.S. South, 1908-1947”
Advisor: Sturm

Samone Jacobs
“(Re)Crafting: Social Constructivist Pedagogy in Special Collections”
Advisor: Rawson

Ikra Javed
“I’m Just Not Wired That Way: Self Understanding Through Technomorphism”
Advisor: Fox

Sana Jeong
“Collaboration Between Academic Librarians and Library and Information Science Faculty”
Advisor: Sturm

Gabriel Israel
“Generative AI in the College Classroom: Understanding Student Search Strategies After ChatGPT”
Advisor: Vargha

Yating Ke
“Visualization and Analysis of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data Based on Self-monitoring”
Advisor: Gotz

Shriya Kelly
“Keter-Class Containment Procedure: Internet Folklore’s Growth and Archival, and What it Means For Archivists”
Advisor: Sturm

Denise Mantey
“Successful Outreach Methods for Oral History Archives”
Advisor: Kuecker

Alex Martin
“Nonhierarchical Crowdsourced Database Users: iNaturalist Participant Trust & Motivation through an Anarchist Lens”
Advisor: Shaw

Kenyatta McDonald
“Perceptions of Primary Source Materials the Jewish Studies Undergraduate Classroom”
Advisor: Sturm

James McKinnell
“Technological Shifts in Academic Libraries: A Qualitative Inquiry into Librarians’ Perspectives”
Advisor: Melo

Megan Mead
“Connecting Campuses: Transfer Student Perspectives on Academic Library Services at UNC-CH”
Advisor: Hughes-Hassell

Emman Mitchum
“A Content Analysis of Sexual Consent and Sexual Health/Wellness References in Adult Fiction Literacy”
Advisor: Rawson

Victoria Neff
“First-and Lasting- Impressions: Examining Iterations and Adaptations of Pride and Prejudice and Its Implications for and Influences by Audiences”
Advisor: Sturm

Alona M. Norwood
“Black Girl Magic: A Content Analysis of Black Women Represented in the Black Appalachia Community History Digital Archive”
Advisor: Winberry

Joy Pasin
“Accounting for High School Students’ Interests and Identities in ELA Required Reading Curricula: A Qualitative Case Study”
Advisor: Hughes-Hassell

Marissa Pearson
“How a Person’s Knowledge of AI Affects Their Perception of AI Technology: A Comparison Study of Recent College Graduates and Their Mid-career Employees”
Advisor: Winget

Rachel K. Priesman Marquez
“Page By Page: An Exploration of Book Disposal Practices in U.S. Public Libraries”
Advisor: Rawson

Chelsea Romero
“Silenced and Erased”
Advisor: Hughes-Hassell

Paul Schissel
“The Artifice of Intelligence: Libraries and Memory”
Advisor: Bergquist

Erin Simon
“Who is Researching Women’s Health? A Bibliometric Approach to Addressing the Disparities in Citations and Publications of Higher Impact Medical Research”
Advisor: Hemminger

Wylie Thornquist
“History, Memory, and the Archival Record: Afterlives of the Greensboro Massacre”
Advisor: Chassanoff

Samantha S. Titus
“Teaching Civic Literacy: Why Academic Libraries Must Combat the Illiteracy Plaguing Students”
Advisor: Winberry

Huilong Wang
“Deciphering Tourists’ Preferences in Trail Reviews through Natural Language Processing”
Advisor: Wang

Teagan JM Watkins
“Green Programming in North Carolina Public Libraries”
Advisor: Sturm

Hannah R. Whitaker
“A Heating Climate in the Sunshine State; How Public Libraries are Impacted by Responding to Censorship Attempts in Florida”
Advisor: Rawson

E. Simonton Williams
“How Do People Respond to Fat-Positivity on Tumblr?”
Advisor: Feinberg

Samuel Winemiller
“Where Do We Go From Here? A Content Analysis of ALA Presidential Columns in American Libraries”
Advisor: Sturm

Kellie Woolever
“A Comparative Study on Male and Female Athletes in Sports Media After the Implementation of Title IX”
Advisor: Hughes-Hassell

Emily Zimmerman
“A Scoping Review of Medical Research Evaluating the Accuracy and Reliability of ChatGPT as a Consumer Health Information Resource”
Advisor: Melo

River Zorich
“Representation and Rhetoric of Disability and Disabled People: A Content Analysis of Digital Archives on Disability”
Advisor: Kuecker


Practicum Projects

Moore County Historical Association Audio-Visual Digitization

Haleigh Ardolino
Griffin Powell
Kalei Woodford

Exploring the Feasibility and Potential Impacts of Adding Tabletop Games to a Library Collection

Taylor Brannan
Mrudula Chavali
Miro Deluca
Elizabeth Findley
Chelsea Lancaster

DEI Curriculum Development

Geniviéve Crites
Jade Gregory
Logan Hill
Marina Klimova

Integrated Spatio-temporal Data Analysis Platform

Jiayi Chen
Runqi Hou
Qi Xue
Lei Zhang
Zijie Zhao

Enhancing the Caregiver Journey through the Caregiver Strain Index Survey

Jenny Chueh
Roxy Huang
Shivani Kale
Yehee Kim
Claudia Wei
Dantong Xiang

Exploring How Creators use Generative AI in Creative Work

Jessica Green
Samantha Killmer
Taelor Wright

Everything Is an Exception: Collection Management and Processing of Wilson Library’s Backlog

Callie Beattie
Becca Brantley
Hannah Helmey
Kensi Laube

Riverside High School Diversity Audit

Kama Cerimele
Katelynn Laws

Barrington Atlas Collection Finding Aid

Ella Breed
Aidan Canner
Jenna Lloyd
Hannah Nicholson
Ari Smith
Matthew Thieroff

Recipes Resurrected: North Carolina Culinary Treasures from the Archive

Simone Gillespie
Belle Kozubowksi
Jillian MacKinnon
Adriana Quijano

Project READY: Reimagining Equity & Access for Diverse Youth

Lauren Crowe
Sarah Doyon
Julia Greene
Isabella Luongo
Fiona Lynch
Abbie Mann-Wood
Emily Michaels

Expanding Neurobridge Ontology

Xiaoyu Gao
Tong Pan
Zihe Xu
Luxin Zhang
Kuangzheng Zhao

Adult Basic Education at the Bergenfield Public Library

Julia Amodeo
James Onorevole
Mary Schrader
Sarah Waugh

Supply Chain Optimization at Pattern

Khushi Agarwal
Alejandro Gutierrez-Ochoa
Mohan Ram Rajendran
Andrew Sadler
Oliver Sherren

BelongIn Version 3.0

Ola Alshaikhli
Jiajia Chen
Kaden Graham
Shreya Sirlapu
Mariam Tariq

Privacy-Preserving Survey Platform

Nishitha Bottu Ramakanthchowdary
Amrut Dagade
Anirudh Patil
Chandramouli Velicheti

Data Management Gamification

Jessie Meager
Joshi Ramya Teja Battula
Avianna Wooten
Grayson Yount

Pre-trained Feature Extractor Model for 2D/3D Deformable Registration

Yueliang Ying
Zhaoxi Zhang

WiderNet Photo Gallery Project

Matthew Christian

Metadata Improvement for e-Learning Content Catalogs

Luyao Pei
Xinyu Peng
Ye Liu
Wenyi You