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Brian Sturm





(919) 962-2460



Manning Hall - 204


Storytelling and folklore, children's and young adults' literature and public library services, immersion and engagement in information environments, bibliotherapy.


BA, College of William and Mary
MLS, PhD, Indiana University


Dr. Brian Sturm is a Professor at the UNC School of Information and Library Science (SILS). His research focuses on immersion in information environments, the state of being completely engrossed in whatever you are doing, whether that’s reading, story listening, or playing video games. Most people have been “lost in a book” or deeply engaged in some form of media, and Dr. Sturm has dedicated his career to exploring the experience of immersion and the various influences that help us get immersed. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Sturm was a natural history museum docent, gave planetarium shows, worked as a wildlife rehabilitator, and taught outdoor education to 5th graders in California. He has also been a professional storyteller for over 30 years.


INLS 733 Administration of Public Library Work with Children and Young Adults
INLS 732 Children’s Literature and Related Materials
INLS 558 Principles and Techniques of Storytelling


2023 SILS Edward G. Holley For the Good of the Order Award
2019 Nominated for UNC Faculty Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring.
2016-2018 Frances Carroll McColl Term Associate Professorship.
2013 Frank Porter Graham Honor Society. For “significant contributions to the development of graduate and professional student education at the University.”
2009 Nominated for ALISE award for Teaching Excellence .
2002 SILS Deborah Barreau Award for Teaching Excellence


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