Information Systems Minor Requirements

The undergraduate minor in Information Systems requires that students earn 15 credits of approved courses, receiving C grades or higher. Students enrolled in the minor must take INLS 201, 161, 382, and 523, described below. In addition, the student will take the remaining 3 credits as an elective. The elective may be an INLS course numbered below 699 or a course from outside of SILS of use/interest to the student and relevant to the minor.  All electives, including SILS courses, must be approved by SILS.

  • INLS 201 (formally 101): Foundations of Information Science*
  • INLS 161 (formally 261): Tools for Information Literacy
  • INLS 382: Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • INLS 523: Introduction to Database Concepts and Applications
  • One elective
    • A list of approved electives is available here

To review the School's academic policies, please consult the SILS Undergraduate Handbook page.

*Please refer to your catalog year in order to determine your requirements.