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The SILS IT Services provides extensive computing support to SILS students, faculty and staff, with a commitment to prompt, courteous service.  If you are new to SILS, please review the links below for quick resources to many SILS IT questions.  For all additional technical support issues, please contact the SILS IT Help Desk at

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Connecting to Eduroam

Connecting to Eduroam (all devices):

Eduroam is the primary wireless network at UNC. Configuring your device to use the UNC eduroam network gives you access at all eduroam institutions worldwide. You'll need to re-configure your devices once a year.

  1. Connect to the UNC-Setup wireless network.
  2. Open a Browser and go to
  3. On the Login prompt: Enter your onyen and password. Click “Continue“.
  4. Click on the eduroam Click here to configure button.
    eduroam configuration buttom
  5. Follow the prompts to install the Eduroam certificates (iOS) or configuration app (most other devices).

For more details, see these device-specific instructions.


Connecting to other UNC wireless networks:

All UNC users are strongly encouraged to use Eduroam for both security and convenience. However, several other wireless networks are available for special circumstances. 

See these instructions for a detailed, step-by-step walk though of how to configure other UNC wireless networks on your computer or mobile device. Select the wireless network you would like to join to see specific instructions for that network.

How to setup a VPN connection to campus?

How to create a webpage

Where can I store and backup my data?

Students must take steps to backup important data on personal computers and laptops in case of loss, damage or hard drive failure. It is a good practice to ensure your data is in two locations.

Personal backup options include cloud storage, external hard drives, and USB drives.

UNC OneDrive

UNC provides data storage space for anyone who has an Onyen via Microsoft OneDrive.

More information is available here:

UNC Microsoft OneDrive Getting Started

UNC Microsoft OneDrive - FAQs