Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi

Associate Professor, UNC School of Information and Library Science
Manning Hall 200
Pronouns: He/Him/His

Faculty Expertise:

Organizational informatics, organizational implications of ICT, future of work, flexible work, mobile knowledge work, gig work, digital labor platforms, and implication of artificial intelligence for work

BS (Public Administration), Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran
MS (Information Systems), London School of Economics
PhD  (Information Science and Technology), Syracuse University's School of Information Studies  

Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi is an assistant professor at the UNC School of Information and Library Science (SILS). Largely influenced by the sociotechnical tradition, Mohammad’s research focuses on the use and consequences of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and the accompanying social and organizational changes that these bring to knowledge-intensive organizational contexts. His current research projects explore the salient technological and information-centric challenges of mobile knowledge work. He is particularly interested in the relationship between mobile knowledge workers’ information practices and their emergent and personalized digital infrastructures, and how these workers intelligently span infrastructural barriers to ensure the availability and use of informational and technological resources.
Mohammad’s research also examines the adoption of activity tracking devices (e.g., Fitbit) and the way that these tools provide informational and motivational affordances to their users.
His previous work centered on the use and uptake of multiple social technologies by consultants--technological assemblages--that can foster their knowledge sharing within and across organizations.

Courses Regularly Taught:
INLS385: Information Use for Organizational Effectiveness (Undergraduate)
INLS585: Management for Information Professionals (Graduate)
INLS697: Information Science Capstone (Undergraduate)
INLS690: Seminar in Social Informatics (Graduate)

Awards and Recognition:
Deborah Barreau Award for Teaching Excellence (2015)

Selected Publications, Papers, Presentations:
Thompson, L. and Jarrahi, M.H.  (2015), “Information Practices as Vital ‘Deportments’ of Mobile Knowledge Work,” the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIST) 2015 Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO,  6-10 November.

Jarrahi, M.H. and Sawyer, S. (2015) “Theorizing on the Take-up of Social Technologies, Organizational Policies and Norms, and the Knowledge-sharing Practices of Consultants”, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), 66 (1): 162–179.

Jarrahi, M.H.  (2015), “Digital and Physical Materiality of Information Technologies: The Case of Fitbit Activity Tracking Devices,” the 48th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS). Kauai, HI, 5–8 January.

Sawyer, S. and Jarrahi, M.H. (2014) “The Sociotechnical Perspective.” In Information Systems and Information Technology, Volume 2 (Computing Handbook Set, Third Edition,) edited by Heikki Topi and Allen Tucker. Chapman and Hall/CRC.| April 1, 2014 | ISBN-10: 143989844

Jarrahi, M.H. and Sawyer, S. (2013), “Social Technologies, Informal Knowledge Practices, and the Enterprise,” Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 23 (1).  (Special Issue on Knowledge Management and Social Media: The Challenges; Edited by Robert Mason and Dianne Ford).

Jarrahi, M.H. (2010), “A Structurational Analysis of How Course Management Systems Are Used in Practice,” Journal of Behavior and Information Technology, 29(3): 257 – 275.

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