Bachelor of Science in Information Science (BSIS)

The School of Information and Library Science (SILS) was founded in 1931 and provides one of the most highly-regarded programs in the nation. The School first offered a minor in information systems in 1997, and initiated a major in information science in 2003. UNC-Chapel Hill is the only university in the state offering a bachelor’s degree in information science and is one of only a handful of schools nationwide offering such a program.

  • Content: the substance of the information being created, communicated, stored, and/or transformed
  • People who interact with the content; they may be creators of information, recipients of information, or intermediaries in the communication process
  • Technology used to support the creation, communication, storage, or transformation of the content 

The information science major integrates the study of the creation and management of information content, the characteristics and needs of the people who create and use information, and the technologies used to support the creation and manipulation of information.  Graduating students will:

  • Understand the many ways in which information can be created, communicated, stored, and/or transformed, in order to benefit individuals, organizations, and society.
  • Possess practical skills for analyzing, processing and managing information and developing and managing information systems in our knowledge-based society.  They will possess problem solving and decision-making skills, be able to effectively utilize information tools, and be able to take a leadership role in our information economy.
  • Comprehend the value of information and information tools, and their role in society and the economy.
  • Be prepared to evaluate the role of information in a variety of industries, in different organizational settings, for different populations, and for different purposes.
  • Maintain a strong sense of the role of information in society, including historical and future roles.

The Bachelor of Science in information science is designed to prepare its graduates for a variety of careers in the information industry, including information architecture, database design and implementation, Web design and implementation, and information consulting, as well as for graduate study.  The minor in information systems provides students with an understanding of computing, multimedia, electronic information resources, and the Internet that complements the student's major field of study.  Students concentrate their studies in the junior and senior years. To see what our graduates are saying, watch the video here

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