SILS Student Employees

Congratulations on your SILS assistantship!  We hope that this assignment will be an educational and rewarding experience for you. 

SILS HR is paperless.  To finalize your appointment, please click the blue " + " tabs below to expand the appropriate Hiring Packet.  Once you have completed this, please submit your document(s) to, except your Form I-9 identification.  We wish there was a secure means of receiving Form I-9 information electronically, but there is not.  Instead, you will bring just your Form I-9 identification originals to me in person for your Hiring Session (and none of the other hiring packet forms).  Please note the Provost Office requires a new AP-2s with each RA/TA appointment.  Please note that only Teaching Assistantships require an unofficial transcript.


Don't forget, there are certain guidelines surrounding enrollment and the student FICA exemption on payroll wages. In order to be exempt from having FICA taxes withheld on payroll wages per Policy 1111 – Student Employee FICA Exemption, student employees must be enrolled at least half-time in coursework during the compensated pay period. Please note that being in a student job code is not sufficient to qualify for the FICA exemption.

Additionally, full-time and career employees who are enrolled students do not qualify for the student FICA exemption since their primary relationship to the University is that of an employee.

For further details on this topic, please refer to Policy 1111 – Student Employee FICA Exemption, Related Document 1111.rd, and IRS Revenue Procedure 2005-11.


Some students with limited scanning access will print and execute forms and then use the scanner just outside Manning 112.  For a free PDF editor, I recommend Sejda:  Another app to be aware of is the Office App that works on both Android and iOS. It can scan documents, sign pdfs, open office documents stored on the cloud and scan QR codes for contact-less information distribution. It also has the ability to scan documents into editable word and excel documents:

When you email me your Hiring Packet, please let me know your general availability for a Hiring Session (Afternoons are great, Wednesdays are bad, etc).  Your eventual start date and stipend are contingent upon your timely completion of all hiring documents. The hiring sessions typically take 10-30 minutes.  


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at 919-843-8782 or

Graduate Student Assistants (TA/RA/GA)

***International Students must take their appointment letter to the Office of International Scholars and Student Services to receive a temporary Social Security Number (SSN) for hire***

***If you have a FELLOWSHIP (and not an Assistantship) please see the Fellowship link below this heading.***


SILS Appointment Letter - Signed

Conditions of Employment (AP-2s) - And none of the others at that linked page

Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP) - This is not required if your appointment letter does not explicitly award you GSHIP.

Direct Deposit Form - SILS is unable to accept New Direct Deposit Authorizations, Changes in Direct Deposit, etc.  Instead, you will complete direct deposit authorizations via Connect Carolina Self Service.  A quick reference guide for setting this up can be found here:

IDs for I-9/Employment EligibilityPlease bring one item from LIST A OR one item from both LIST B AND LIST C.  Note that Section 1 of your I-9 must be done on or before your first day of work. 

  • RETURNING -  A new Conditions of Employment (AP-2s) is required for each appointment.  If you are off payroll for more than a month you will also need to submit new Direct Deposit information.  This and any tax withholding is completed within ConnectCarolina SelfService. 

  • Payments - Graduate Student Assistants are paid on the last business day of the month.  Giving consideration to the start date of your appointment, you must complete your hiring session (hiring packet and Form i-9) on or before the 10th of the month to guarantee payment at the end of that month.

  • RETURNING Graduate Assistants - If you have not had a break in service or a change in status, you only need to submit your signed appointment letter, renew your GSHIP (if applicable), and review your direct deposit information in ConnectCarolina SelfService.

  • GSHIP - The insurance provided by your academic year assistantship runs from August 1 - July 31.  You will need to renew your GSHIP in accordance with your current assignment EACH FALL, regardless of your initial start date.  If your GSHIP is active and you are graduating, your GSHIP ends at the end of May (or December if graduating in the Fall).  COBRA is no longer available as gap coverage for students.  If your appointment ends early, your GSHIP will end at the end the month (May 31st/Dec 31).  On the first of the month after you graduate you are no longer covered.  Teaching and Research Assistants are eligible for GSHIP, if their appointment provides the benefit.  This insurance is managed by Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

    WAIVER HERE     PHONE: 888-351-8283     EMAIL:

SILS Fellowships

If you are paid via check request, you will need to submit your signed appointment letter, Graduate Student Health Insurance Form, and Disbursement Direct Deposit Form with a voided check or bank memo.

Hourly Student Positions


SILS Appointment Letter - Signed

  • Work Study Students will not receive a formal Appointment Letter, rather they will receive a JobX Notification confirming the position details)

Conditions of Employment

Direct Deposit - SILS is unable to accept New Direct Deposit Authorizations, Changes in Direct Deposit, etc.  Instead, you will complete direct deposit authorizations via Connect Carolina Self Service.  A quick reference guide for setting this up can be found here:

IDs for I-9/Employment Eligibility:  Section 1 of your I-9 MUST be done ON or BEFORE your first day of work.  Please bring one item from LIST A OR one item from LIST B AND one item from LIST C.


  • As a Undergraduate Student Assistant, you must use the TIMs time-stamp to log your work time. When you log-in (with your ONYEN and ONYEN password), it automatically stamps your log-in time as your start time. It will do the same at log-out and use that as your end time. Time Information Management System (TIMs)