Welcome to the Careers section of the SILS Website!

These resources will help students and alumni find career resources, types of employment, and opportunities for networking. This site can also help employers navigate how to post jobs, visit campus, and meet with students through formal and informal networking events.

Our goal at SILS is to offer career development guidance and services so that our students can gain the relevant experience they need during their program to be successful in their post-SILS positions. 
As you begin your career path at SILS, keep in mind the functions, people and setting for your career goals.  
  • Functions: What are those things I enjoy most in my job? (e.g. information and knowledge creation; organization and description; preservation; analysis; evaluation; management; communication) What classes and subjects have been my favorites and why?
  • People: How do I interact with people? What communities (e.g. youth, children, students, working adults, seniors) do I like to work with as colleagues or clients? Do I prefer to work mostly with people or do I prefer working mostly by myself?
  • Setting: Do I want a work setting that is academic, public, non-profit, government, or corporate? Do I want a setting more highly-structured or more informal? Is it a quiet environment or busy setting?
Your answers to these questions are one way to help you see patterns, themes and relationships between your career preferences. Where your answers intersect highlight a strong focus when considering career directions as an informational professional.
Questions can be addressed to SILS' Career Services Coordinator, Lori Haight

2016 First Destinations Report

The First Destinations report, compiled and published by the UNC School of Information and Library Science (SILS), provides an overview of the initial career paths taken by December 2015, May 2016, and August 2016 graduates of the School’s Bachelor of Science in Information Science (BSIS), Master of Science in Library Science (MSLS), and Master of Science in Information Science (MSIS) programs.

Click here for a pdf with highlights from the report.

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